Blueserve Team

Hi! Welcome to Blueserve, Social Media Agency.

Blueserve Social media agency started 10 years ago. We a small team helping small business grow with tools like, Google Ads,Facebook Ad Instagram Ad, Google my business and website design. 

So you think why do I need a Social Media Agency?

Well, That question is really easy answer. So many people out there offer you a website design with you as the consumer not really having the knowledge and understanding what goes in to the making of the website. So we help you understand what your business needs to grow online with a website that works for your and not just stand dormant   
Blueserve want all of our customer to have some basic understanding to what needs to happen when you pay for a website to make it work online for you.Firstly you need to know that their are a few basics that need to be done for a website to be recognized by google 

The reason contacting a Website Designer and Social Media Agency

So let us list at a few things your as a customer need to know and questions to ask before buying a website.

Will my website have the following:

These are all the service that are done in the back end of the website and might cost you more than just the cost of the website but they are extremely crucial to the growth of your online presence. Without these added service your website will be dormant and google will never rank your website   

Clients Says

Excellent service. Always only a phone call away. My website and my social media side were all done by Blueserve, and I have never looked back. They have done so much for the holiday accommodation that has brought me so much income when I started in 2016 due to creating great brand awareness around my Business Colleen van der Merwe

Blueserve has done it, another E-commerce shop has just launch on the internet and it was designed and well done by Blueserve. I highly recommend this company for anyone in need, because they are great and honest about what they do. And Blueserve, once again thank you for everything and continue being great!👌🏽 Désy Sossah