Hi! I'm Johnny, founder of Blueserve Web Development

First of all I started Blueserve in 2012 . Secondly its been a long way trying to find our feet and be recognized  in the market and web development of social media in South Africa 

However we knew that big companies have a monopoly when it comes to advertising on Google and Facebook. After I did my studies for 4 years to assistant small business that could no afford absorbent costs to a social Medea consultant. We started a winning concept that would change small business forever online
Then we started with low-cost charges to assist companies to be able to have all the necessary online awareness for their brand/business. We have seen so many happy clients making a bigger turn over by just using the correct methods that made their business grow online

Clients Says

Excellent service. Always only a phone call away. My website and my social media side were all done by Blueserve, and I have never looked back. They have done so much for the holiday accommodation that has brought me so much income when I started in 2016 due to creating great brand awareness around my Business Colleen van der Merwe

Blueserve has done it, another E-commerce shop has just launch on the internet and it was designed and well done by Blueserve. I highly recommend this company for anyone in need, because they are great and honest about what they do. And Blueserve, once again thank you for everything and continue being great!👌🏽 Désy Sossah